Spa Experience at Energise Pentney

Our spa experience is based on the ancient Roman ritual of bathing, where the body is gradually heated, and then cooled. Make your way through our heat rooms, and in to our heated outdoor vitality pool, before cooling down with a monsoon shower, and experience true relaxation for body and mind.


Aromatherapy Room

The Romans liked to commence their bathing sessions in the ‘Tepidarium’ before progressing on to the hotter ‘Laconium’, which was normally heated to 90°C. We’ve reinvented the Tepadarium and have added the benefit of natural aromatherapy essences to further sooth and relax tired minds and bodies. The Aromatherapy Room is heated to a comfortable 30-33°C - warm, but not normally hot enough to induce perspiration.



Operating at a temperature not exceeding 50°C, the heat of the Saunarium is less severe than that of the Sauna, with humidity at around 30-40%. Conditions provide the benefits of both Sauna and Steam, for those who prefer their bathing experiences in a less demanding environment. Natural aromas are introduced in to the Saunarium to further enhance your experience.


Salt Vapour Room

A further enhancement of the Steam Room, the Salt Vapour Room has a typical operating temperature of 40-45°C, with almost 100% humidity. The beneficial quality of ‘softer’ heat, and increased humidity, is augmented by the introduction of saltwater mist, which emits negative ions to help alleviate respiratory and sinus problems. Saltwater mist also has a positive effect upon the skin, by strengthening its connective tissues to make the skin smoother, and help to relieve the symptoms of dry or sensitive skin. Warm saltwater mist also aids breathing, and helps to promote a sense of well-being.


Herbal Sauna

Our herbal pine Sauna is heated to between 80 and 90°C, with a very low humidity level, around 10%. Benefits can include increased circulation, flushing toxins from your body, and of course, pure relaxation.


Monsoon Feature Shower

Rinse off between each heat experience in our monsoon shower, which offers either tropical warm, or Arctic cool, at the push of a button. Be sure to end your spa experience with an ice cold shower to invigorate your senses and ensure you’re ready for the rest of your day.


Heated Outdoor Vitality Pool

Step in to our outdoor vitality pool, heated to 36°C, and allow the water to wash away your worries. Regular use, through a combination of buoyancy, heat, and massage, relieves tension and stress. Buoyancy eases pressure in joints and muscles, while heat increases the blood flow to your muscles and accelerates healing.



8AM - 8PM


10AM - 5PM


Spa Etiquette

Persons who appear to be intoxicated by alcohol or drugs or who are reasonably deemed not well enough to spa will be refused admission. The Spa is only available to adults over the age of 18 years old.

For your enjoyment and the enjoyment of others, please:

  • Shower before entering each room

  • Close the doors to each room after yourself

  • Do not leave towels or robes in the saunas

  • Wear suitable swimwear and flip flops/slippers

  • Seek assistance from a member of staff should you begin to feel unwell

  • Do not take alcohol/bags/lotions/food or drink in to spa (water is available)

How to spa safely:

  • Drink plenty of water to replace fluids lost through perspiration

  • Sit on a towel in the heat rooms for hygiene and your own comfort

  • Do not exceed 20 minutes in any one room, or the vitality pool.

  • Remove jewellery and watches & put them in your secure locker for safe keeping

  • Take care when moving around the spa; the floor will be wet

  • You may wish to remove your contact lenses as they can become uncomfortable

Do not use the spa if you have:

  • A contagious disease, open sores or wounds

  • Had a heavy meal within the last 90 minutes

  • Recently been under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • A serious illness or have a heart condition, high or low blood pressure, are pregnant, or any other medical condition which might affect your reaction to heat. Consult your GP.