Personal Training at Energise Pentney

After training with PT Gaby, I felt a surge of energy and felt fit! The next day was the result of this work! Thanks Gaby! I will definitely repeat this again! I would like to recommend PT Gaby to everyone! She is a superstar! 🌟
— Liza, July 2019

Our Head of Fitness, Gaby Venczel, can help you on your journey to finding your fitness, right here at Energise Pentney. You don’t have to be a member to use our PT services!

Together in an initial consultation, you’ll define your fitness goals and create a roadmap to get there, taking your current fitness level into account, and what you want to achieve.

Gaby will assess your progress, holding you accountable for your results in an encouraging manner that gives you the energy and motivation to jumpstart your fitness routine, and you’ll celebrate together when you get there!

Gaby will also help you to find credible information and provide direction where needed, helping you to prevent injuries, improve your results through proper techniques, and ultimately become more confident in your abilities.

Want to take it one step further? Check out our new bootcamps!

Book your consultation now by emailing Gaby directly, or enquire at Reception for more information!

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I’ve been having PT sessions with the wonderful Gaby for three months. I was very nervous at first as I did no exercise. Gaby is so supportive and has helped me achieve things I couldn’t imagine I could do! If you’re thinking of having a session... do it! It’s a life changing experience.
— Jasmin, June, 2019
PT at Energise Pentney
Gaby’s very good and helps me find my inner-self, so I go the extra mile to bring out the best in me.”
— William, June 2019
Serina doing PT Energise Pentney
Since training with Gaby, I’ve lost 12 pounds in just six weeks, at a healthy, steady rate, whilst becoming more toned and stronger. What I’ve lost in weight, I’ve gained in confidence, and feel more comfortable. Thanks Gaby, and Energise Pentney!
— Serina, July 2019
Serina, August 2019, PT at Energise Pentney
I’ve done the re-test for Serina and the results are excellent: she’s lost 18 pounds in three months and performed 60-70% better in ALL exercises the fitness test! She says she is a HAPPY BUNNY, and feels AMAZING 😊 I love training her as she is absolutely focused, and I appreciate her hard work and discipline!
— Update from Gaby, August 2019