sports massage

For best results, we recommend a continued course of sports massage treatments to see effective changes.

Initial Consultation & Treatment

£45 | 60 MINS

A sports massage consultation will begin with an in-depth research into your physical and mental well-being. Your lifestyle and medical history will be confidentially discussed to holistically assess your needs, alongside an assessment of your posture, alignment, joint flexibility and muscular tension. This information is drawn together to create a treatment plan, which can be modified throughout your course of treatment.

On-going Treatment Sessions                                    

£35 | 45 MINS

Sports massage is the use of massage for the treatment and prevention of soft tissue injuries. It can help a range of individuals, from dedicated sportspeople, to those suffering from a hard week at work. During treatment, a range of therapies are tailored to your individual needs, incorporating deep tissue massage, stretching and pressure techniques to facilitate your musculoskeletal function. A course of treatments will lead to increased flexibility and circulation, and reduced pain in tired & tight tissues.

Deep Tissue Leg Massage OR Deep Tissue Upper Body Massage

£25 | 30 MINS

Ideal for sportspeople, particularly runners, swimmers and cyclists, and anyone suffering from poor circulation, a course of treatments will help to prevent injuries and maintain performance.