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We’re delighted to offer a range of therapies and treatments here at Revive Treatment Rooms. Our fully qualified therapists use world class products to deliver a relaxing and reviving experience. Register for our loyalty card for special offers and money off!

Thalgo treatments are renowned for their incredible results. World leader and originator of the marine spa and beauty trend for over 50 years, Thalgo harnesses the riches of the sea so you can benefit from powerful healing, revitalising and re-balancing properties vital for health and well-being. Thalgo’s exceptional body treatments refine, relax and tone, while the facials offer spectacular results in anti-ageing, hydrating, purifying and more. We’re delighted to be their chosen spa in Norfolk. Products are also available to purchase, and we offer complimentary skin analysis with any treatment on request. Your therapist will be happy to advise on the most suitable skin care routine for you.

If you need to rearrange or cancel your appointment, kindly notify us within 24 hours of your appointment time. Non-refundable deposits are required for group bookings and spa days, with 50% of the total price due on booking. For a list of allergens found within Thalgo products, please contact us.

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Thalgo has a facial to treat virtually any concern.

All Thalgo facials begin with a welcome massage to ease tensions and immerse you in a relaxing aquatic cocoon. For best results, we recommend a course of six facials, in conjunction with the accompanying home-care range, to continue effectiveness. If you have any questions, or are unsure which facial would best suit your skin, please contact us for assistance.

Reviving Facial

£30 | 30 MINS

After a relaxing welcome massage and cleansing ritual, a skin-specific mask is applied for an instant infusion of marine active ingredients. A smoothing massage is carried out whilst the ingredients are absorbed, leaving you feeling, and looking, refreshed & relaxed, with glowing skin.

Radiance Facial

£30 | 30 MINS

Reveal your skin’s beauty and radiance in just 30 minutes! Begin with our Discovery of the Sea welcome massage, cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a radiance-boosting mask and energising digito-pressure massage to help the active ingredients penetrate. An application of Absolute Radiance Concentrate and Hydra-Marine Gel-Balm leaves your complexion fresh and glowing with radiance.

Hyaluronic Smoothing Facial

£55 | 60 MINS | Book a course of six and receive one treatment free of charge

Correct the signs of ageing as they appear with this smoothing and wrinkle-filling facial. The Discovery of the Sea welcome massage, unique brush cleanse and intense exfoliation immerse you in an aquatic cocoon, before an expert anti-ageing massage lifts the features and a hyaluronic mask smoothes the skin, leaving your complexion glowing. After the treatment, lines appear less pronounced and skin is more youthful-looking.

Super Lifting Facial

£60 | 75 MINS | Book a course of six and receive one treatment free of charge

This lifting facial is designed to combat all the signs of ageing at 45+ to leave your skin firmer, younger-looking and glowing. Relax and let yourself be immersed in an aquatic cocoon during the Discovery of the Sea welcome ritual, brush cleanse and exfoliation, followed by an expert anti-ageing massage to lift the features. A super-lifting mask is then applied to visibly lift and contour the face and neck and fill deeper wrinkles after just one treatment.

Heart of the Ocean Facial

£50 | 60 MINS | Book a course of six and receive one treatment free of charge

This personalised Thalgo signature facial ritual begins with the Discovery of the Sea welcome massage, cleanse and exfoliation. Thalgo’s Heart of the Ocean massage recreates the rhythmic motions of the sea to relax the facial muscles and relieve tension in the arms, shoulders and neck. A skin-specific mask and moisturiser correct any skin concerns, leaving the complexion restored to its natural beauty.

Body Treatments

As specialists in marine spa therapies, Thalgo harness all the riches of the sea; oligo-elements, proteins, amino-acids, minerals and vitamins, for Slimming, Firming, Detox and Relaxation. We recommend courses of six -12 sessions for maximum results.

All body treatments begin with the Discovery of the Sea welcome massage to relax the body and ease tension.

Relaxing Body Wrap & Massage

£50 | 60 MINS

The ultimate nourishing body treatment, designed to restore comfort to dry and very dry skin, this ritual begins with a deeply moisturising body wrap to soothe the skin and restore a feeling of comfort through Thalgo’s unique cold cream products. During the wrap, a scalp massage eases tension, before a massage of the entire body, including the hands and feet, deeply relaxes.

Thalgo Three Algae Back Treatment

£40 | 45 MINS | Upgrade for £10 to include a 15 minute back massage

Discover the incredible mineralising benefits of seaweed for problem skin. A welcome massage and body exfoliation relax and soften the skin before Thalgo’s patented natural marine algae wrap is applied to deeply cleanse, detoxify and smooth. Once removed, a refreshing seawater concentrate and a sebum-regulating concentrate are applied.    

Body Sculpt Massage

£40 | 45 MINS

This high performance innovative treatment tackles cellulite and stubborn unwanted curves for amazing results! It features an exclusive body wrap to improve the appearance of cellulite, and a slimming concentrate to refine, re-sculpt and correct lack of firmness. A massage is then carried out to correct cellulite and deep fat deposits. The treatment finishes with the application of Complete Cellulite Corrector.

Aromatherapy Massage

FULL BODY £60 | 60 MINS / BACK ONLY £30 | 30 MINS

Using the powerful techniques of Swedish massage, this relaxing treatment activates your circulation and lymphatic system to flush away any toxins. You'll be offered a choice of detoxing or relaxing oil, and the massage will be tailored to suit your needs.

Hot Stone Massage

FULL BODY £60 | 60 MINS / BACK ONLY £30 | 30 MINS

Warm volcanic basalt stones are applied to specific points on the body to relax and eliminate toxins. Using unique massage technique, with the marine hot stones, tension quickly gives way to deep relaxation.

Full Body Exfoliation

£25 | 30 MINS

Achieve super soft skin and invigorate your whole body. Using a Thalgo body scrub, which contains red algae, the skin is smoothed and recovers it's radiance and softness. Cell renewal and surface micro-circulation are stimulated, leaving you fully moisturised from top to toe.

Sports Massage


A sports massage consultation will start of with an in-depth research into your physical and mental well being. Your lifestyle and medical history will be confidentially discussed to holistically assess your needs, alongside an assessment of your posture, alignment, joint flexibility and muscular tension. This information is drawn together to create a treatment plan, which can be modified throughout your course of treatment.


Sports massage is the use of massage for the treatment and prevention of soft tissue injuries. It can help a range of individuals, from dedicated sportspeople, to those suffering from a hard week at work. During treatment, a range of therapies are tailored to your individual needs, incorporating deep tissue massage, stretching and pressure techniques to facilitate your musculoskeletal function. A course of treatments will lead to increased flexibility and circulation, and reduced pain in tired & tight tissues.

Special Spa Experiences

Polynesian Spa Ritual

£85 | 90 MINS

Experience this exotic spa ritual, inspired by the islands of Polynesia. This luxurious treatment begins with a Manihi Lagoon-inspired azure foot bath, to protect and hydrate the skin. A vanilla-scented body scrub, blended with pure Bora Bora white sand, sea salt, coconut shell and algo-monoi, gently exfoliates the feet and lower legs, before the Mahana Massage loosens muscles and nourishes the skin with a rhythmic massage with warm sand pouches. An application of golden oil leaves a sunkissed glow and a delicate scent of flowers and monoi.

NEW: Merveille Arctique Spa Ritual

£85 | 90 MINS

An invigorating spa experience for when you need a feeling of deep relaxation. Think landscapes of immaculate white ice, sensorial hot springs and incredible sea life and enjoy the benefits of ancient Nordic rituals where relaxing heat from a massage inspired by deep tissue and Swedish massage combines with invigorating cold, using Thalgo’s innovative massage balls, taking turns to calm the body and release tension.

Pregnancy Spa Ritual

£50 | 60 MINS | Suitable from three months | Available as part of a Baby Shower Spa Day

This relaxing face and body treatment has been especially designed for mums-to-be, and makes the perfect gift or treat for yourself, at a time when a clear mind and complete relaxation is most needed. After a soothing welcome massage, the skin is smoothed and softened with a full body exfoliation, followed by an application of Thalgo's amazing stretch mark cream. Whilst this is left to work, the mum-to-be will be treated to a hydrating facial to suit their changing skin type, and a relaxing lower leg and foot massage. Finally, a nourishing body cream is applied, leaving skin feeling silky smooth and completely moisturised. 

Holistic Treatments

Indian Head Massage

£35 | 45 MINS | Book a course of three for £90

A relaxing, deep massage to the upper back, neck, scalp and face, our Indian head massage uses a variety of pressures and techniques to tap into your seven chakras, encouraging healing and balance in both body and mind.


£40 | 45 MINS | Book a course of three for £95

Reflexology will leave you feeling re-balanced, re-energised and with a feeling of well-being, as your therapist applies pressure to your feet in correlation with areas of your body. The treatment works on the organs, glands and structure of the body and is deeply relaxing.

Ear Candling

£25 | 45 MINS | Book a course of three for £60

This natural therapy was traditionally used by the Hopi Indians, and creates a feeling of balance. The lit candle draws out impurities through a light suction, re-balancing the pressure in your ears, and is completely painless. The treatment includes a facial cleanse, toner and moisturiser, alongside a face and scalp massage. Highly recommended for anyone suffering with Sinusitis, headaches and head colds.

Manicures & Pedicures

The Gardener’s Manicure

£15 | 30 MINS

Hands are exfoliated to remove dryness and massaged with Jessica Nails Le Remedi products. Cuticles are conditioned and groomed, nails are trimmed and shaped. Perfect for men and women who need presentable nails without the polish!

The No-Polish Pedicure

£15 | 30 MINS

Ideal for anyone who needs presentable toes! Feet are exfoliated to remove dryness and massaged with Jessica Nails Le Remedi products. Cuticles are conditioned and groomed, nails are trimmed and filed.

Mini Manicure or Pedicure

£20 | 30 MINS | Add gel polish for £5 | Book both a mini manicure and a mini pedicure and save £10

Hands and cuticles are conditioned and moisturised. Nails are shaped and treated with a prescriptive basecoat from Jessica Nails, topped off by the perfect polish of your choice.

Deluxe Manicure

£40 | 60 MINS | Add gel polish for £5 | Book both a deluxe manicure and a deluxe pedicure and save £20

Oils and creams are applied before your hands are placed into heated mittens whilst the benefits are absorbed. Your hands will be massaged and your cuticles will be conditioned and groomed. Your nails will then be beautifully shaped and treated with a base-coat, before finishing with the polish of your choice. You’ll also receive a mini standard polish to take away with you for any touch ups. Highly recommend for anyone suffering with stiff, painful joints, as the massage encourages circulation.

Deluxe Pedicure

£40 | 60 MINS | Add gel polish for £5

Choose between energising ginger, calming green tea, or re-vitalising citrus for your luxury foot and leg treatment. With hard skin removed, your feet and legs will be massaged with deep conditioning creams, before being slipped in to luxurious heated booties for whilst the creams are absorbed. Your cuticles will be conditioned and groomed, and your nails with be expertly shaped & perfectly polished. You’ll also receive a mini standard polish to take away with you for any touch ups. Highly recommended for anyone suffering with stiff, painful joints, as the massage encourages circulation.

Gel Refresh

£20 | 30 MINS

Gel Removal

£15 | 30 MINS (Just £5 if you are going on to have another nail treatment with us)


Underarm | £15

Half Leg | £20

Full Leg | £30

Half Arm | £20

Bikini | £15

Back or Chest | £20

Eyebrow | £9

Lip & Eyebrow | £14

Lip, Chin & Eyebrow | £20


A patch test is required 24 hours prior to treatment.

Lash | £8

Eyebrow | £6

Podiatry / Chiropody Services

We’re delighted to welcome Claire Dallas MCPod DPodM HEdCert HCPC Registered Podiatrist / Chiropodist to Energise Pentney. Claire offers a full range of chiropody and podiatry treatments, with over 30 years of NHS and private practice experience. Please note that this service is only available on Tuesdays and by prior appointment. An appointment will be beneficial if you would like assistance in any of the following areas;

  • Biomechanics, Gait Analysis & Orthotics

  • Lower limb sports injuries & kinesiology taping

  • Corn & callus removal

  • Nail care / surgery

  • Verrucae treatment

  • Diabetic foot assessment, treatment and advice

  • Treatment of forefoot pain, plantar faciitis, tendonitis and shin splints

Initial New Patient Assessment and Treatment

£45 | 60 MINS

Includes complete foot check, treatment and advice.

Bio mechanical Assessment

£45 | 60 MINS

Lower limb examination of joints, muscles & gait.

Maintenance Treatment

£40 | 40 MINS

Routine treatment for nails, callus and corns.

Verruca treatment  

From £40 | 40 MINS

Options include acid treatment and cryotherapy.

Simple Nail Care

£23 | 20 MINS

Diabetic Annual Foot Check

£45 | 40 MINS

Vascular, neurological, nail and structural foot check for people with Diabetes.

Nail Surgery

From £300 | 90 MINS

Including local anaesthetic, the procedure and all follow up re-dressing appointments (usually for ingrown toenails).